Straight to You

January 31, 2009

Down the dwindling
spiral of the rabbit hole,
past the spiritual madness
of conspiracies unknown,
past the perfect delusions
of finely manufactured truth,
past the triumphs of bloodthirsty kings
and the ruthless ignorant,
past the whirring generators
of pharmaceutical high anxiety
and the hypnotic bliss
of senseless propaganda,
past the pixelated memories
of misspent lives
on this prison planet
of tormented souls,
and fired deep inward into
the vacuum of uncharted space,
I have been somehow delivered
straight to you
and our one chance out.

Song of a Chosen Sunrise

January 18, 2009

Your finger presses my lips
presses me beyond the eclipse
of sinking souls of wrecked ships
the sinking souls of wrecked ships

Madness pursues my indecision
mind ruined by its revisions
victim of its lack of vision
victim of its own imprecision

Your eyes unfold me as sunrise
unfolds her ripened skies
as this sleepless soul can rise
this soul will rise

Beyond my life’s keen disguise
unravels all that is wise
as this sleepless soul can rise
this soul will rise

I Walk the Earth

January 3, 2009


I walk the earth
with gravity’s comfort
gliding past the ghost ships
of unglinted eyes
in dreamless imprecision

I walk the earth
with misspent intent
hiding infinite complicity
of epiphanic eyes
in ripened anticipation

I walk the earth
till I slip its orbit
sliding past the hanging stars
of your eyes peering
through my imagination
with silver indulgence

Alexandra Burke- Hallelujah

January 3, 2009

‘The X Factor’ winner Alexandra Burke has raced to Number One in the UK singles chart, nabbing the coveted Christmas top spot with her cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.
Burke’s ‘Hallelujah’ became the fastest-selling single by a female solo artist, with 576,000 copies shifted during Christmas. For the first time at Christmas the same song is at Number One and Number Two, as Jeff Buckley’s cover entered on download sales alone.
To add a further twist, the song’s creator Cohen, who returned to tour this year, entered the chart with his original version at Number 36.