She Forced The Restless Night

May 1, 2009

She forced the restless night
with rifle scope attention,
arms akimbo,
head weighted back
tilted by attitude and hair,
movement absent,
save jaws that kindly
chewed my imaginary future

My thoughts stuttered
in rhythm to the
teakettle steam,
as the gazelle’s dream
of outrunning the
lion’s devotion

as the stars contemplate
their own eternity,
I consider my threadless
amused by Hamlet’s torment,
for I have chosen
to be

as she forced the restless night,
feasting upon my glistening organs,
wet twisted muscle and sinew
entwined in fragrant seizures,
inhaling my soul whole
in open delirium,
and falling,
in storm drunken bliss
as we forced
the restless night


One Response to “She Forced The Restless Night”

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