Familiar Love

June 19, 2009

My Dearest Love,
I do hope this letter finds you
and finds you well.
I have been gone much too long,
I know, in search of longed for
and uncalculated
a misspent life, perhaps,
but one,
it seems,
that has led me
to you.

How many perfect sunsets have I been
with your lilting voice cresting
over the waves,
the waves
that rushed through the ventricles
of my heart, and filled my
desperate lungs
with foam
and hunger
for breath,
and then
abandoned me,
silent and

How many times did I find
that home in my mind
that belongs to you,
where the early sea fog
swallows your secret garden
with lilies and brambles,
hidden paths and buried jars,
where the bright, bright fields
beneath the galloping hooves
taking flight
with winged

How much I have missed you,
sweet girl,
I missed how
you arrested my thoughts
mid sentence with
uncommon grace
that disarmed me
for reasons
I cannot name.
I missed
your lovely genius
that so easily
dismissed the weight of my
measurable life,
I missed the intensity
of our words
which became our truths
and bound us
as kindling
to a starving fire.

When we meet again
on that exquisitely ordinary day
you may not remember my face,
my body,
my clothes,
but the welcomed recognition
of the stark flame behind
my eyes,
will hold a

and I

Poetry copyright (c) 2009 Paul Matsumoto. All rights reserved.
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