Letter of December 25th

December 25, 2014


My Dearest Love,

If all the world’s sweetest music that had been released

into the aether had returned

the earth would slow upon its axis

and ready itself to spin it a different direction

and I will have fully witnessed how you became

the poetry that refreshed my most parched soul

Still I thirst to be written by your hand,

my soul given its details, its brilliance,

stroke by stroke, mad laughter spilling its intimacy,

the intimacy stars will share with darkness,

and darkness will share with morning sunlight

I wish I could show you the frightening beauty within you,

the crackling storms rising over innocent hillsides,

cracking open my ribcage, releasing the rolling

symphonic murmurations to the heavens

as you reached in and lit the lanterns next to my spine

and nestled your heart next to mine

and shivered our world awake.

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