Awareness Test

October 14, 2008

Yes, in an insane world it’s very easy to be distracted in a shell game and not use our complete awareness.
Yet it is hardly an excuse to not be fully responsible for the world around us.
Economics is an example of a subject that is strewn with misleading and outright false data that makes it appear “impossible” to understand.
Indeed, it is made impossible to be understood by the unethical few who stand to benefit from a manufactured chaos.
Modern economics, based on Lord Keynes treatises, is a nightmare of clever deviousness in it’s covert argument for a totalitarian state. He was hailed as the most brilliant economist of his time, but was also noted for his aberrant sexual proclivities as well as his interest in eugenics and racial cleansing and his oft quoted “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” Yet his solutions only opened the doors for the most wickedest of men to do their deeds.
But all this aside, isn’t it peculiar that for the past 60 years a “campaign of distraction”, as I’ve long called it, has been taking place?
As precisely executed as wartime battleplans and twice as insidious, we have been taught to love our distractions more than life itself. After all, if we’re all distracted we don’t observe the obvious. From sports to entertainment, television, media advertisements, and mindless consumerism, we have been distracted to not notice the obvious.
Back in the 60’s the often repeated quip was “a frog thrown in boiling water would reflexively leap out, but a frog placed in a pot of cool water which was very slowly heated would remain in the pot till he perished”.
Meanwhile, a world economy crashes because we fail to notice that money is not being burned, destroyed, or lost, it is simply redistributed by a few who have pulled off a massive shell game.
Could you imagine how much could be accomplished if we took one tenth the time to understand the basics of economics or our current fractional banking system or government, as we do say, a football game?

Look at what the “Bailout Plans” have cost us:

Bailout type…..Cost to taxpayers (Source: Reuters)
Financial bailout package approved this week up to or more than $700 billion
Bear Stearns financing $29 billion
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac nationalization $200 billion
AIG loan and nationalization $85 billion
Federal Housing Administration housing rescue bill $300 billion
Mortgage community grants $4 billion
JPMorgan Chase repayments $87 billion
Loans to banks via Fed’s Term Auction Facility $200 billion+
Loans from Depression-era Exchange Stabilization Fund $50 billion
Purchases of mortgage securities by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac $144 billion
POSSIBLE TOTAL $1.8 trillion+

Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain both failed miserably to understand the basics of the consequences of their positions in our economy.
In a country where both parties have been corrupted by individuals and industries who back only flawed and
manipulable candidates, it is time to take full responsibility for the world we live in and to first understand
the position we are in.
It may seem boring.
It may seem time consuming.
It may seem overwhelmingly unconfrontable.
But no one can say it is not worth it.
We can blame the evil in this world for the condition we find ourselves in.
And we would soon perish as a boiling amphibian.
It is our world.
It is the world we are handing to our children.

One idea on the economic end…Click Here to Read the Article
It is just one idea.
Another can be found here
Many more can be developed and be put in place.
Of course, that is just one small aspect of what needs to be dealt with.
There is so much more.

We live in exciting times.
We could choose to simply turn away and ignore it.
Or we could choose, as Gandhi put it, “to be the change you want to see in the world.”