With Plenty of Heart

August 30, 2008

These folks have been working their craft a long time…music fills their veins and is expressed
with plenty of heart…

Born in London and living in Rome, New York, L.A., and back again to New York to study art, music,
and film, Fredo Viola has his own unique take on using all these mediums that is startlingly beautiful, moving
and strangely familiar.

Fredo Viola’s video for his single ‘The Sad Song’ – an innovative .jpeg clip collage.

Tilly and the Wall, a group from Omaha is noted for having a tap dancer instead of a drummer. Several band members formerly played with Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and formed their own group. Listen up and I dare you to not
grin with glee…

Tilly and the Wall–Rainbows in the Dark

Little Boots is the solo project of Victoria Hesketh, formerly lead singer/ synth player in Dead Disco. Classically trained,
she creates her own singular music!

Little Boots–Meddle (acoustic on piano, tenorion and stylophone)

Australian Orianthi started on the acoustic guitar at 6, electric at 11, and by 18 had been playing with Carlos Santana,
Prince, and Steve Vai. Make no mistake, this girl plays a wicked guitar along with the best of them.

Orianthi–Lights of Manos

Annie Clark is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Tulsa who performs under the moniker St. Vincent.
She was nominated for three PLUG Independent Music Awards, and won the Female Artist of the Year award…
a tremendous talent…

St. Vincent – These Days