The Ventricle

March 22, 2009


I have mounted the orchestral wave
rising and falling beneath a shaken landscape
racing a blinded horse with guided sight
as cathedral bells unravel the thick air

We swallowed surrendered geographies whole,
the disturbed earth no longer elegantly polite,
and raided a swollen ventricle
and raised the smoky alto deeply into the night

Your eyes traveled across my soul’s domain
drunken with fresh sonnets and mystery
and quieted the storms as
prime numbers spread beneath our infinite sky.

Our Return

March 14, 2009

My arms open to your fractured sky
spread beneath our unwieldy youth and sweat,
merciless enthusiasms,
kisses of flesh and vapor
that stab the empty air

Our lips taste the measured pride and savagery,
our fingertips trace the distant constellations
spread beneath the wisdom
and lissome rhythms
of our sovereignty

Let me bury deep all memory
of earth’s unforgiving minute,
and the colors of her countries,
and spread myself beneath your breath
and triumph

Let us sing our redemptive anthems
to unsuspecting gods
and bathe the night skies
with reckless pageantry
of our return